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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Mountains and Coastal Plains on the Arabian Peninsula The Coastal Plains The Mountains The coastal Plains are very good for farming because of the moist and damp air. Also, the weather is great for farming because it rains regularly, which waters the crops and keeps the soil moist. At the coastal plains, there are manyriverbeds and it ends at the rocky cliffs. Lastlyat the coastal plains, many people traded goods with other countries. Here in the mountains on the Arabian peninsula,it gets very cold in the winter and sometimesreceives frost and it gets about 20 inchesof rain a year. In addition to this, people were isolated from the rest of the peninsula and had to make houses like mud brick houses, farmers farm on terraces because the land was not flat, and the terrace wallsalso stored water. Livability Rating: I chose this rating because the weather is great for farmers and keeps the soil moist which is great for the crops. Also, there were many animals in the sea. Trading Rating: Many people traded products in seaports, for example Aden. They traded with countries such asIndia, East Africa, and lands along the red sea. Also, the weather is very good for growingcrops so people could trade their products with others. Livability Rating: I rated this a three because it gets very cold in the winter, and the land is hard to farm on because its so steep. Also, its a very harsh environment and there can be frost in the winter and its isolated from the rest of the peninsula. Trading Rating: I rated this a two because with these temperatures, it was very harsh weather and it was hard for people to travel through the mountains. Inorder to be able totrade their goods.
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