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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] Beerd Hermsen s2071819Tom Klein Wassink s1869922Sabine Hamer s1859943Nynke Polet s1889389 Group 2 Introduction Methods Results Discussion . Qualitative research for in-depth analysis: Semi-structured interviews --> face-to-face, 30 minutes per person,recorded and transcripts written. Questions focused upon: Diversitys relation to performance and satisfaction moderated by diversity managementUnique Groningen Startup project Pilot Established three months agoArea: Student recruitment - Groningen 5 team members 3 Interviewees: Personnel officer, team leader and team member to scale proportionally. The effects of team diversity on team performance and job satisfaction, the moderating effect of formal diversity management tools Company Profile Our research focuses on the effect of team diversity (in terms of demographic characteristics) on team performance and job satisfaction. Existing literature has shown that team diversity can have a positive effect through valuable variety in resources such as experience (age diversity) and perspectives (gender diversity).1 This variety may enable the exchange of ideas and an effective combination of resources may ultimately enhance team performance.2 A negative effect can occur through social categorization, dissimilarities among team members may give rise to mental shortcuts (heuristics) that impair team functioning and decrease job satisfaction.2 The (potential) moderating effect of formal diversity management tools did not have much attention in the past. We are studying whether there is a moderating effect and if there is, whether formal diversity management increases or decreases the relationship between team diversity and job satisfaction and team diversity. Unique NederlandEmployment agency - Founded: 1972 - Headquarter: AlmereMain subsidiary of USG People N.V.Core activities: Staffing, secondment, payrolling, recruitment and selection.More than 100 branches in the NetherlandsMain clients: There is a moderate amount of team diversity within the team (3 males, 2 females; most of the workers in their twenties, only one older worker;).Team performance and job satisfaction in this team are high. The interviewees question if the performance and satisfaction are high because of diversity within the team.Gender and age diversity not formally managed in this team. According to the interviewees this type of diversity does affect team performance, the personnel officer states: Diverse people create positive tension which causes them to work towards solutions together.. Furthermore, the team leader pointed at the positive effect of diversity on job satisfaction: A good male-female mix can enhance the satisfaction of employees.Formal diversity management tools are used in this team with regard to personality. Personality tests were taken by the team members before they were put on the team,with the objective to have different personalities in the team. The interviewees think that these tools increased team performance. It also increases job satisfaction, but only if managed correctly.The interviewed workers think that the formal diversity management tools enhance the synergy between team diversity and job satisfaction and team diversity and team performance. The aim for this research was to study the relationship between team diversity(in terms of demographic characteristics) and team performance and job satisfaction and whether this relationship is moderated by diversity management tools. The observed team was equally balanced concerning team diversity (in terms of gender and age diversity). The expectation was to find a positive relationship between team diversity and team performance and job satisfaction. The interviewees responded that both team performance and job satisfaction are high in this team and that the effect of team diversity on both variables is positive. However, the interviewees stated that they do not use diversity management tools at Unique concerning age or gender, but they have to fill in personality tests astype of a diversity management tool. According to the team members these tests might have increased the team performance and job satisfaction. To conclude our study, we would recommend further research on teams of bigger size. In future research it is important to find out if our positive relationships between team diversity, team performance and job satisfaction and the moderating effect of diversity management tools are causal relationships. References 1. Kearney, E., Gebert, D., Voelpel, S.C. (2009). When and how diversity benefits teams: the importance of team members need for cognition. Academy of Management Journal, 52(3), 581-598.2. Acquavita, S.P., Pittman, J., Gibbons, M., Castellanos-Brown, K. (2009). Personal and organizational diversity factors impact on social workers job satisfaction: results from a national internet-based survey. Administration in Social work, 33(2), 151-166.
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