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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fill spare capacityExtra tax revenueGreater tourism industry stabilityFacillitation of tourism business expansion 55% Holidays matter 80% 26% 100% Societal Nearly 1/3 of the UK population can't afford a day trip to thebeach Social Tourism - Mapping the Landscape double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. SocialTourism Participants Referral Agents Government i Tourist Boards Tourism Businesses Benefits of social tourism (Minnaert, Maitland & Miller 2009) Academia National charity FamilyHoliday Association supported 2,092 families including 5,620 children Social Work VisitKent Charities All-Party Parliamentary Group on Social Tourism :) Family HolidayAssociation TUI Travel Low income families £ Nottingham University Business School (Bernardo's 2014) (Family HolidayAssociation 2014) Potential areas of research... 1. How do different stakeholdersevaluate social tourism?2. What motivates tourism businesses tobecome involved in social tourism?3. How do different stakeholders relate to one another?4. What is the role of social media within social tourism?5. What are the barriers to tourismbusinesses participating in socialtourism?6. Do the benefits of social tourismjustify future investment?7. Is there a role for social marketing in the development of social tourism? Social 1 in 5 families are unable to afford an annual week holiday Supported (Office for National Statistics 2013) (All-Party Parliamentary Group on Social Tourism 2011) of UK charities involvedin social tourismexperienced a rise in demand between 2009 and 2013 70% (McCabe, Wooler, Shaw & Stamm 2014) Total numbers supported across the UK remains unclear! leading named examples Key stakeholders in the UK and Economic Self-esteemExpansion of social networksSkill developmentImproved mental healthCloser family tiesGreater participation in work/education An estimated Contact Details Siân EastonPhD ResearcherSchool of Tourism: Bournemouth UniversityEmail: Social Tourism: Excluded from tourism the inclusion of disadvantaged groups in tourism
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