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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Subcultures: Amish LANGUAGE ACTIONS VALUES WAY OF DRESS SYMBOLS ENTERTAINMENT Counterculture: A culture group whose values and norms are at odds with thatof the socialmainstream. Subculture: A group that is a part of the dominant culture, but that differs from it in someimportant respects. The Amish speak Pennsylvanian Dutch. However, during their few years of schooling they are taught in "English" also referred to as "Non-Amish".Pennsylvanian Dutch is one of the minoritylanguages of the US, distinguishing itselffrom mainstream American culture. NORMS Aspects of Amish life are dictated by a set of rules called the "Ordnung"Because the Amish have no centralgovernment, the local church maintains discipline and rule using the "Ordnung". Godliness humilitysimplicitywork ethicpacifismcommunalism The Amish do not participate in any activities dealing withtechnology, instead they live alifestyle similar to thoseliving in the first colonialestablishments in America. Theygrow their own food using organicmethods and sell to the othersliving in their community. SANCTIONS If someone within the Amishcommunity leaves the Church after they are baptized, they faceexcommunication and shunning.But if one chooses to leave beforethey are baptized, they will notface formal sanctions. Amish clothing symbolizes separation and identity -Make quilts-Group games-Holiday gatherings& dinners-socialization double click to change this header text! By Alayna Beal and Bailee Berry
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