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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Positive Effects of Music Demographi cs How much does music effect your mood? Make People Feel... Happy (14) 32 Males19 Females 0 5 10 15 20 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 Under 123 age 12-1438 age 15-183 age 19-216 over 21 Age 15-18 Was it..... Yes! (36) No... (6) Nope! (26) Fun? Stressful? Yes... (16) Has your experience in music helped you in other aspects of life? Yes (32) No (10) Jazz (3) Electronic (7) Rock (17) Country (4) Classical (3) Pop (17) Involvement in Music! 43 are/were involved in music 8 are/were not Relaxed (19) Energetic (12) Other (5) Sad (1) Favorite Types of Music.... Angry (0) According to research, music influences the wayhumans feel, and has been proven to calm the stressed and help people suffering from depression Involvement in music, specifically in one's youth, can change the anatomy of one's brain for the better. Why do you listen to Music? To Improve My Mood (15) To Focus (11) To Distract From an Activity (12) To Pass the Time (13) Out of 51 Participants... Over an hour (27) 0-10 minutes (3) 30-60 minutes (8) 10 = Great effect 1 = No effect 10-20 minutes (8) 20-30 minutes (5) The participants do this for.... The participants feel this way for... How long do you listen to music in one day? Music has lived for almost as long as humans have and has had many impacts on humankind, but the question is whether or not these impacts effectedhumans in a beneficial or detrimental way. Research was collected and survey was conducted to prove that music has predominantly positive effects that outweigh its negatives. Jed Vergara, Ryan Toole, Tyler Weatherby At the end of the survey and research, it is concluded that music has great powers over the human body and mind. Those who use music, however, utilizeit for their own benefit to improve their mood or to focus. Most of the participants in the survey reacted in happy,relaxed, or overall positive ways whenever they are exposed to music. Therefore, in a large percentage ofsituations, music is beneficial and shows very little negativeeffects. Conclusion
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