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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Know more information, please visit Roche China Intranet page: Know more information, please visit Roche China Intranet page: Hello . As a Leader, you are not only responsible for your own development but also for supporting and enabling the development of your employees, your team and organization. We support you by below offerings! Take Your Opportunities and Make Your Career Now! Developing My Employee Your Team Development PRESENTACION DE LA PROPUESTA DE DISENO DevelopingMy Team Take Your Opportunitites and Make Your Career Now! Development "As an Employee" Remember, you are the key person to make changes in your short-term or long-term development journey. We encourage you to do self-reflection first, seek feedback from othersm, clarify your career interest and idenity those skills and knowledeg you need. We support you by below offerings! A great start at Roche for you which helps you to learn Roches vision, mission and culture, get familiar with policies and main procedures of Roche. Inter-disciplinary Training English Learning Career Counseling "As a Leader" The English Learning program supports the improvement of your Business English skills with a flexible method, that enables fast, cost effective and intensive language advancement. New Employee Orientation Development The career counseling is a personal situation analysis. It helps you reflect your actual professional situation and clarifying possible development perspectives. Job Rotation A rotation is a task- or project-based temporary shift to another department. It helps explore your interests and hidden potential, broaden your view and develop relevant skills. New Manager Orientation Developing As Leader Leading leaders @RocheLeading people @RocheManager Practice Lab360 degree Feedback Getting to know the other team members, their characteristics and qualitiesClarifying expectationsEstablishing ground rulesDefining a vision Defining roles & responsibilitiesDefining rules and processesClarifying valuesManaging differences and conflictsBuilding relations Optimising decision-making processesFacilitating efficient communicationDefining strategiesImproving cooperationFostering commitment & remaining focused Ensuring further growth as a teamSharing best practices and learningsCelebrating successCoaching team membersEnabling innovationEncouraging problem- solving in the group Forming Storming Norming Performing L&D supports you in this effort with tailor-made team workshops Local Leadership Training Programs We are here to support your development Hello. Global Leadership Programs This program provides new managers with an overview of how to better understand and achieve Roche expectations for managers by providing you with basic leadership and management mindset, skills and tools. Business Units (BUs)Stella m+86 21 28922882 ADGS; CAMAC; COMS; FIN; HR; IT; LEGAL; MED; SPACEJulia +86 21 28923657 Base on Roche Core Competencies and People Leadership Commitments, we provide local leadership training courses as one of your development ways to help you enhance your leadership competencies. Training is one way to develop and improve your capacity. We would like to encourage you to use a variety of development opportunities learning by doing. If you need training to improve yourknowledge and skills, you can apply for diverse courses. Mentoring helps you accelerate your development and get you ready for the next step. Moreover, it helps you establish and broaden your interactive professional network. Mentoring PT, pRED, PDYRebecca m+86 21 28923213 Teams can accomplish outstanding achievements. But developing a group of individuals into a genuine team gaining the trust of the team members, getting them all on board, andmotivating them to achieve a common goal is a big challenge.We support you by below offerings!
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