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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 5 Forces Canada's Digital Media Industry Trends and Characteristics Threat of Substitution- With the availabilityof alternates, there is a high threat of substitution.The digital media industry is very easily accessible with television, computers and the convenience ofsmart phones that it makes the market highly saturated with many options. Buyer power- Buyers in this industryhold some but not an overly significantamount of power. Where there are fewerbuyers, they often control the industry.Almost every person in the world is a consumer when it comes to digital media, this surplus leads to less influence for the buyer. Competitive Rivalry- The competition indigital media is very top heavy with the big names in the different sub sectorsdominating the competitors. In social mediayou have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram dominating the industry for example with smaller competitors like Myspace that lack relevance anymore. Supplier Power- In the digital media industry, the supplier has limited power due to the accessibility of product. When it comes to music, software or different applications, the consumer has so many different options especially with how prevelent piracy is in this industry. Porter's Porter's Threat of New Entry- In many of the sub sectors in digital media, entrance is rather simple with the ability to advertise on the internet and socialmedia. It often costs little or no money to gain entry intothe market and be effective, making the threat of newentry high.
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