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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Work CitedAlvarez, Lourdes María. "Prophecies Of Apocalypse In Sixteenth-Century Morisco Writings And The Wondrous Tale Of Tamīm Al-Dārī." Medieval Encounters 13.3 (2007): 566-601. Academic Search Complete. Web. 1 Feb. 2015.Boase, Roger. "The Muslim Expulsion from Spain." History Today. History Today Volume 52, 4 Apr. 2002. Web. 20 Jan. 2015 <>."Pork Facts | National Pork Producers Council." National Pork Producers Council. National Pork Producers Council, n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2015. <>."The Pig Breeds." A La Tienda Company, n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2015. <>. "The beginning of the end of the suffering of the Muslims will come about through discord between the two monarchs who 'worship the cross' and 'eat pork,' presumably a reference to the Catholic Kings (Alvarez, 575)." "A person who refused to drink wine or eat pork might be denounced as a Muslim to the Inquisition. In the eyes of the Inquisition and popular opinion, even practices such as eating couscous, using henna, throwing sweets at a wedding and dancing to the sound of Berber music, were un-Christian activities for which a person might be obliged to do penance (Boase, 17)." Cultural Significance Carnicerías are commonplace in towns and cities throughout Spain. Many times, cheese, alcohol,and other meats are also sold in such shops. Pig legs are often hung inside carnicerías. These are often seen by simply looking through the store's windows. The importance of pork came about during the time of religious tensions. Since Muslims did not eat pork, Spaniards proved their Christianity by eating pork. Nobody expects theSpanish Inquisition! There are many different kinds of pig that is used for pork. However, Spain is known for its very own breed: Cerdo Ibérico (The Pig Breeds, 2-3). Despite the popularity of Pork in Spain, Spain is not in the top ten for most pork consuming countries (Pork Facts | National Pork Producers Council, 5). Wow! Look at all of this ham! Pork in SpainBy Beth O'Hara Historical Significance In Comparison to Other European Countries In comparison with last year's Honors Trip, I found that it was easier to find non-pork options in Spain than in Germany and Austria. I thought this was surprising; I assumed, with Spain's history with pork, that it would be impossible to find other options of food. This was the case on the last trip, but this time I was easily able to find other protein options.
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