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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Porcupines Some of porcupines adaptations are their sharp long claws, special pads under their feet, thick, bristly tails and amazing memory. How those adaptations help them survive. The sharp long claws help them survive by allowing them to eat any part of plant they find, that's amazing they can just eat any plant (besides poisonous) any time they need or want.Their special pads on their feet support them when they have to climb the trees where some of their food supply lies. That's helpful a lot don't you think because if they didn't have those special pads they would have to limit their food supply but they are a growing population. They also have fantastic memories they can remember where their food supply lies in the best and worst weather. They have quills where if their attacker doesn't back down they can run sideways and injure the attacker. Where do they live? Porcupines' habitat is the forest, the forest is good for them because it supports plants that the porcupines need, the porcupines also help the forest by being a food source itself. If porcupines didn't have these adaption what would happen? What's their adaptions If porcupines didn't have their teeth then their food supply would narrow down which they probably wouldn't be able to support the life style, so they would probably slowly die out. If they didn't have their teeth, tail or memory their food would limit a lot. If they didn't have their quills they would overpowered by more and more enemies.
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