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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Populist Party The What was it? What was it? {n} a political party that wanted to represent the farmers and laborers. They advocated for laws and acts that would help the people. They were also known as the People's Party. Important People: Important People: ~ Sen. William A. Peffer~ President Roosevelt (The Man)~ James Weaver What Happened?! What did they believe? The National Farmers Alliance formed 1880 Birth of the Populist Party Alison Geiger Pd 4 2/24/15 What they wanted: 1890 Constructive Populist Party Convention in St Louis 1892 Populist Party fades out after 1900 election An attempt to bring back the Populist Party fails 1904 1900 motto: "Equal rights to all; special privileges to none." Sen. William A. Peffer "The Populist ... believes that men are not only created equal, but that they are equally entitled to the use of natural resources in procuring means of subsistence and comfort." ~ President who passed the laws and acts that benefited the laborers~ Populist Senator of Kansas (in office 1891-1897)~ Presidential Candidate, was not elected, but was noticed by the people by increasing popularity for the populists free coinage of silver! inflation! direct election of senators graduated income tax initiative & referendumprocedures civil service reform
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