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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Every week, we have a drum beat call to keep all senior stakeholders up to speed withwhat is going on under all the programmes. Since the new Managing Director joined, thesecalls have become increasingly important as she understands the importance of recognisingsuccess whilst also making important decisions that could be holding the programmes back.In regard to the successes, I am the person who collates and presents these in an infographformat. In one particular week, the Managing Director, on the call, highlighted how some of thesuccesses dont clearly link to the strategy and as this document gets sent to head office, it isimportant we portray how well our programmes are doing in the UK with facts, figures andlinks to targets. Here in the Outlook Transformation Office, we are committed to driving quality.Therefore, it is my responsibility to check and challenge any success the programme managersgive me to ensure it meets the standards we desire. However, for this particular week, I placedtoo much trust in the programme managers to provide me with fully detailed successes thatwill illustrate clear progression in their programmes. Thus, when it came to the drum beat call,the Managing Director and her colleagues picked up on the fact that they need more detail andare too fluffy. Subsequently, I had to rework a lot of the successes to ensure they clearlyportrayed the significant progress the UKs change strategy has made to the head office. In terms of Lessons Learnt, I will definitely always read and thoroughly scrutinize thesuccesses they provide me, to ensure optimum quality is upheld, without having to create morework for myself and the team around me. Ultimately, my development over the past 4 monthshas been important to the shaping of my future endeavours in the business world. It hasbecome clear to me what is expected and how to go about gaining the support of importantstakeholders to get work done to a greater standard. Poor Task Review
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