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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 tap and hold to changethis text! Living in Dirty Area Looks for food in trash Begging for food and money Instead of giving money I will give them food instead because some of them can waste the money given to them by buying cigarettes and other stuff but If I give food instead this hungry will go away and they could also share it to theirfamily who is also starvingalso donating to a drive thathelps people like them giving food baskets full of canned good and otherkinds of food like fruitsand vegetables and by also giving them water which canbe bought in gallons but I willgive my donation through a drove so thst they could be equally distribute it to other families I need I think they are poor because little children even the elderly begs for food on the roadwhich is dangerous for theirage and just receive little coins and biscuits and wouldn't last them a day I think they are considered poor because the looks forfood in trash which alreadyhas been eaten or expiredand the food they could beeating is contaminated and can lead them to serious sickness For me I think these people are poor because they are living in a dirty environment and then area Is easily flood and just easily get destroyed and they would have build them again and their area they could also be living in areas trash dumps which is not safe for their health tap and hold to change this title text! tap and hold to change this header text! By donating to drives wherewhen during floods could donatebasic needs. I could also help by giving money to drives where they gates the moneythey collect from the fund andbuy materials and build small but better shelter to people who easily get flooded and get their house destroyed easily tap and hold to change this header text! I can help them by..... I can help them by.... tap and hold to change this header text! I can help them by...... HELPING THE POOR
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