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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE JOURNEY OF POOPINDY Birth Description(:Parents:Ares & Nitusain)Nitusain, African War Queen, can not bear a child for king Toocaleo.Toocaleo begins to grow tiresome of her infertility. Nitusain hears this and prays to the gods for a child. Ares God of war is attracted to Nutsain. He comes in the night and forces her to romp with him.Nitusain miraculously has a baby due to the godlike episode.Ares has no need for the child, so he allows Toocaleo to claim title as father.BIRTH OF POOPINDY The Challenge Poopindy grows to be an African Warrior Prince, never knowing he was a demi-god. He gains the title village master. This statesthat he is the strongest fighter alive. One day he is challenged by a mystical witch doctor to retrieve 3 artificats. Due to his african spirit, he can not resist the adventure. Soon he receives his spear and shield designated for only the village master. Artifact 1 Item:The Great Blue DustLocation:Quiemada GrandeDescription: Poopindy must travel to the Quiemada Grande, and fight the five-headed snake. This snake hasvenom that can hurt all. Includes mortals and immortals.Outcome: Poopindy meets the snake in a forest. It begins to spray venom that slowly melts Poopindy's shield, and creates multiple venemous snakes.But then Poopindy leaps and lands with his sword in the snakes head. So-oon after, Poopindy cuts the snake opendiscovering th great blue dust Artifact 2 Item:Gold SpoonLocation:BlacksmithDescription:Poopindy must consult a master blacksmith for a gold spoon. This is a fairly easychallenge.Outcome: Poopindy meets the blacksmith and endsup trading in his weapons except the spear in exc- hange for the golden spoon. Artifact 3 Item: Golden Wood PlankLocation: At the Wood king's home.Description:He must kill the Wood king and retrieve the goldenplank located in his gluteus maximus.Outcome: Poopindy, finds the king, and throws spear at his head. In his moment of joy that he had killed the king, the Wood King shoots a wood needle at Poopindy. Poopindy in an attempt to block it puts his hand up and the needle pierces through his finger. It takesPoopindy weeks to remove it from his finger. Poopindy returns to his village with all three items for the witch doctor. Everyone is amazed at his will and strength .The witch doctor congratulates him and tells him his reward. This is a galaxy in his favor.The witch doctor took the blue dust, put it in the golden spoon and through the power of the golden plank, launches it into outer space. This ultimately creates tinystars that make up the galaxy of AFRICAN WARRIOR PRINCE POOPINDY End of the Journey
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