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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 187 250 4.5 In 2010, the United States generated about 250 million tons of trash. Over Pollution in the United States Water pollution is known as the contamination of water by a harmful chemical or substance. These harmful chemicals are caused by factories and everyday people throwing anything from trash to radioactive chemicals into our oceans, lakes, and streams. Land pollution has been a growing issue.On average a person in the United States produces 4.5 pounds of trash a day. Carbon Dioxide and other greenhouse gases causes climate change and affect our atmosphere foreveryone around. Hazardous air pollutants, also called air toxics,include 187 pollutants listed in the Clean Air Act. Air Pollution Land Pollution Water Pollution Cause Effect There are many effects pollution brings to our society. The health of Humans, Plants, and Animals are the most effected by this issue. Humans and animals can be effected together if the animal is sickened by the pollution then the human eats the animals and is contaminated by the illness as well. Plants can be harmed by as well by insecticides and pesticides polluting our plants and causing them not to grow properly. Land Pollution The causes of pollution are mainly how we distribute waist throughout many processes such as, Industry Activity, Chemical Utilization, and Waste Disposal. In Industry Activity, the by products get released into the soil and air, making the soil useless and the air unclean. Chemical Utilization is a cause of pollution because it brings chemicals not created by nature into the environment, which makes it impossible for these chemicals to be broken down. Waste Disposal causes pollution by our bodies personal waist being dumped into sewers and landfills polluting our soil. The harmful chemicals of pollution can get into the soil and water can cause cancers, deformities, and skin problems. Possible Sollutions One possible solutions to Pollution in the United States is to use public transportation to save our clean air. Another way to stop pollution is to turn off unneeded electricity, causing us to use less fossil fuels. Lastly follow the steps of the saying, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. This means using materials you would throw away for a deferent purpose. Fourteen billion pounds of garbage mostly plastic,is dumped into the ocean every year. 14M 40% of our lakes in the US are to polluted to fishing or swimming. 40%
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