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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pollutants O Ozone protectslife from thesun's harmful rays. 3 Ozone is being destroyed by:1. CFC's2. HCFC's3. Chlorine containing compounds4. Bromine containing compounds Instead of riding cars to workor school, try riding a bike, orusing public transportation. Ifeveryone did this, the amountof harmful gases would begreatly decreased, preservingthe atmosphere. Make a Difference Effects 1. Humans are more prone to skin cancer.2. Global Warming3. Polar Ice caps melting4. Polar Bears dying H O 2 2 The pollutants shown in thegraph above are dumped intothe ocean by point source ornon-point source pollution.The pollutants kill fish,strangle turtles, and make thewater unfit for living conditions. Waste matter thatcontaminates water,air, or soil By: Philip Danz CO Carbon Monoxide (CO) isa colorless, odorless,and tasteless gas that makesthe hemoglobin unable to carryoxygen throughout the body. This is produced from the exhaustof cars. Carbon Monoxide levelsare worst within cities. CO makesthe air unclean and affects thepeople who breathe it. Many trucks, such as thesemi shown above,produce higher amounts ofCO that is dangerous topeople. More cars = more CO - Take shorter showers- Preserve water by turning water off when brushing your teeth or shaving.- Wash cars less- Do not dump chemicals into water Pesticides Farmers are guilty of pollutingthe environment. Pesticides arevery beneficial to keep thosenasty bugs away that eat crops.There is one problem with pesticides.Pesticides seep into the groundand contaminate the soil. Theyalso are a source of non-pointsource pollution. This is harmfulfor the water. Pesticides are aselfish chemical: only beneficialto man and harmful to everythingelse. Stop using pesticides by usingnatural bug repellents such asladybugs, bats, or spiders. Chemicals in pesticidesare consumed by people, sodon't buy foods that have pesticides. This will force farmers to switch to a cleaneralternative. - Carpool- Use cars only when needed most.- use energy efficient cars.- Keep your car away from extra weight,that brings the miles per tank down.
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