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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Political Correctness vs. Critical Pedagogy Is Cultural Marxism that intends to conjure up xenophobic anxieties: white ethnic pride is bad, sexual liberation is good, and "family values" are reactionary and bigoted. College campuses are "ivy covered North Koreas" that support the totalitarian ideology. The priori good: peasants and workers, blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals are the "victims" in American culture, therefore automatically good regardless of anything they do. The holy trinity of Political Correctness requires that we all bow down and worship: racism, sexism, and homophobia. Critical Pedagogy believes there is an unequal stratification in our society based upon class, race, and gender. The great Marxist theorist, Georg Lucas, said that Western civilization was in the way of a Marxist paradise. The combination of Frued and Marxism leads to the development of Critical Theory. The theory is the way to bring down Western culture and for the capitalist order to lay down a new alternative. Provides historical, cultural, political, and ethical direction for those in education who still dare to hope. Critical Pedagogy studies the role in which schools play in maintaining the social stratification of society, and the possibilities of social change through the schools. Pedagogy and curricular policy should reflect egalitarian goals. We need to accept education's roleas challenging inequality and dominantmyths rather than socializing studentsinto the status quo. Schools today do indoctrinate students with a sense/duty that they need to be Politically Correct. However, I think we are seeing a movement towards teachingour children to think critically and analytically about their world. Ira Shor states that the strongest potential of education lies in studying the politics and student cultures affecting the classroom. We need to be aware of the world we live in. Students need to know how to critically and creatively deal with reality and participate and transform our world. What is Critical Pedagogy? 21st Century Schools. Retrieved 1/30/2014 from
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