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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Salary Education/Training Maximum $54, 230 Minium 64, 459 Average A police officer works directly withthe community, protecting lives and property.If you want a job with excitement, but where you like people and helping them as well, this is the job for you POLICE OFFICER High school diploma or equivalent as well as Academy Training SKILLS: ~Good judgement~Capacity for empathy/compassion~Courage~Possess/demonstrate integrity~Teamwork and collaborative skills $26,600-$49,500 This is if you are planning to not rank up Job Duties Job duties include, but arenot limited to: ~Investigating Break-Ins~Making Arrests~Patrol~Responding to 9-1-1 calls~Directing Traffic~Giving first-aid Policing is COOL! ~You get to protect the community~A paid vacation annually~Work with co-workers and potentiallymake friendships~A different situation every day~ Promotion opportunities which means moreMONEY!And these are just some of the excellentbenefits are of being a police officer Work Environment: Every day is different in this career. And becauseof that they could be virtuallygoing anywhere that is not beyond there limits. Police officers will go anywhere(that is not beyond there jurisdiction) to fulfill the task on hand. Garcia, MattP.607 Jan 2015 Working Conditions:Police work is often physically and mentally demanding. The environment changes every call,so it's greatly based on the factors of the incident. Equipment:Duty Boots: $85.00Handcuffs: $40.00Flash light: $125.00Baton: $100.00Sidearm: $500.00Magazines: $50.00Utility Belt: $50.00Pepper Spray: $12.00Holster: $35.00Body Armor: $460:-700.00Taser: $500.00 Chain of Command: Police OfficerCorporalDetectiveSergeantLieutenantCaptainChief/CommissionerTo be promoted, it is up tothe time you've been on the force as well as if you are keeping up with leadership skills and yourknowledge of the laws. Job Market Forecast: As of 2012-2022, there will be a 5% increase in police officers and detectives.
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