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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Police Brutality in Major US Cities By: Alec Sopko Police brutality has occured all over the United States,here are a few examples from the 40's to present day. 1943-1992 2010- 2014 Detroit Race Riots-KKK stronghold-Paradise Valley-Fights erupted-US Military had to ceasethe fighting-Role of Police officers 1 2 Rodney King/LA Riots-Symbol of racial prejudice and police brutality-Violently beaten by 4 officers-Police claimed he only suffered"minor" injuries-Actually suffered: cracked eye bone,numerous cuts, fractured ankle, and 4heart attacks after the attack.-All officers were acquitted of charges-Riots erupted in LA with 54 people dead-King sued the city of LA 1 Chicago PD corruption and brutality:-2013-14: 10,149 complaints ofexcessive force, illegal seaches, andracial profiling.2012: youth arrests were 79% AfricanAmerican, in 2014 it was 81%. 2 Militarization of Police Forces, and misuse of the technology.-Given militarized technology -evokes a warlike mentality in police forces-Used for high risk, low reward SWAT raids in low income areas-Misuse and abuse of technology:1) Armored vehicles to protect pumpkin festival from terrorism(Keene, NH)2) Flashbang inflicted a 2 week coma on an infant (small GA town)3) War veteran killed after he tried to protect his home from armedpolice officers in his yard (Tuscon, AZ) 3 Statistics: 1) Race of people shot by Chicago PD:-79% Black, 13% Latino, 7% white, 1% Asian2) 75% of officers reported to have used racial profilingin cities such as: NY, LA, Boston, and Houston.
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