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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Price Family Nathan and Orleanna Price Rachel Price:Rachel is the eldest Price girl. She wants nothing more than to spend her teenageyears in the States, buying new clothes and discussing popular music. She uses her "charms" to marry Axelroot and escape the jungle. She is always hateful to those around her, especially her sisters, and never helps her mother or father.She never grows out of being self-centered. Ruth May Price:Ruth May was the youngest of the Price daughters. She embodied innocence. Ruth May was always misstating facts, like how "the blacks go tothe zoo on Tuesdays; that's in the Bible."As funny as these statements may be,they showed the true value of their speakers word. Ruth May took words chosen so carefully,and strips away the filters, stating the truths only a child can see.Ruth May is the only member ofthe Price family to make any headway with the Congo Natives.She plays Mother, May I? with thevillage children and learns new tricks from Nelson, the boy assignedto assist the family. The entire village mourns her death when she is struckby a green mamba snake. This is the climax of the novel.Upon her death, her sisters and Mothertake matters into their own hands and leave Nathan and all of his hateful ways. Leah Price:A middle child andthe healthier twin,Leah grows up idolizing her Father and all that he stands for.She has a holier-than-thou attitude and takes full responsibility for crippling Adah. She realizes Nathan is nuts and rebels. Seeking refuge in Anatole and his teachings, Leah learns the African ways and develops a heart for theAfrican people. Wanting them to have freedom, she and Anatole devote their lives to fighting for the cause. Adah Price:The other middle child and sickerof the twins. Because of Nathan'sneglect, her mother was malnourishedduring her pregnancy with the twins,leaving Adah with a limp. Adah begins the novel introverted and quiet. Shesees all and says little. Leahrefers to her as a "bump on a log."After returning to the States withher mother, Adah attends medicalschool. She fixes her limp and workswith infants placed in the nic-u becauseshe feels a connection to them.Because of her life in Africa, Adah disagrees with modern medicineand becomes a witch doctor.
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