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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pocahontas 1.Status Quo- Pocahontas's vision of the spinning arrow tells her change is coming. 2. Call to Adventure- The Englishmen arrive in ships near her village. The leader of the men, Ratcliffe, believes "savages" are hiding gold while Powhatan believes the pale newcomers will destroy the tribe land. 3.Assistance- Pocahontas's furry friends and her best friend, Nikki, help her to more keenly explore the Englishmen arrival and advise her on what to do. 4. Departure- Pocahontas stumbles upon John Smith. She shows him his world, he explains what life is for him, and they fall in love. 5. Trials- John Smith and Pocahontas try to convince their people of each other's innocence, though people become suspicious and little quarrels break out. 6. Approach- Pocahontas's people take John Smith captive when the Englishmen discover Pocahontas and John Smith together in the forest and killed the chief warrior when he tried to protect Pocahontas. 7. Crisis- The Englishmen and Pocanhontas's tribe prepare to go to war. Powhatan is ready to kill John Smith. However, Pocahontas tried to convince both sides to quit fighting and tries to keep Smith safe. 8. Treasure- Pocahontas convinces everybody to calm and be at ease, and continues to allow her love for Smith blossom. 9. Result- Ratcliffe attempts to shoot Powhatan, so John Smith is shot when he takes the blow for him. Ratcliffe and the Englishmen leave, and Pocahontas is left to wonder what might have been. 10. Return- Pocahontas and her tribal life returns to as it was before it was interrupted by the English. 11. New Life- Pocahontas was given a tour of England as a visiting princess and met many important figures in history there. 12. Resolution- She reunited with John Smith and married John Rolfe and had a son named Thomas. 13. Status Quo- When the Rolfe family sailed for Virginia, Pocahontas died of diease at age 21.
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