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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pnuemoconiosis is anoccupational lung disease caused by inhaling coal dust.It is also known as Black LungDisease. What is Pnuemoconiosis? Takes about 3 years to develop. There are 2 types-1.Coal Workers Pneumoconiosis(CWP) (Simple)2.Progressive Massive Fibrosis(PMF) (Complicated) How is contracted/developed? The lung is damaged by coal dust.Then the walls of the air sacs are inflamed causing thelung to stiffen from scarring ofthe tissue between the air sacs. Can also be caused by Smoking. Cure There. is. no. cure. Pneumoconiosis Pneumoconiosis Occurrence As of Aug 13, 2008 -over 10,000 miners havedied because of this diseasein the last decade. Not so much commonin general Population There is no specific treatment for Pneumoconiosis other than the treatment of the complicationsthat the disorder may cause.To avoid it getting worse, a treatment plan may include--Not Smoking-Avoiding all dust exposure-Using Oxygen-Taking Bronchodilator Treatment Diagnosis CWD- May have little to no symptomsPMF- May cause mild to severe difficulty breathingSymptoms may include- Cough, lots of phlegm, shorthess of breath The federal mine safety and healthrequires all underground coal minersbe offered a chest x-ray after 3 yrs and then at 5 yr intervals. Prevention Wearing a mask, washing areas of skin that came in contact with dust, safe removal of dust from clothing,washing face and hand thoroughly before eating, drinking, or taking any medication, not smoking, lettingyour doctor know about any symptoms of pneumoconiosis, getting reglar chest x-rays and physical exams.
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