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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 YEAR 10 PERSONAL LEARNING PLAN SETTING PERSONAL & LEARNING GOALS CAPABILITIES STRATEGIES REVIEW EXPLAINING THE DEVELOPING YOUR YOUR STRATEGIES & CAPABILITIES What are The Capabilities? Jigsaw Activity What could I use to creative my infographic? Exploring GOALS Personal and Learninglong term and short term GOALS PLPSTARTS HERE Clearly identifies personal and learning goals and purposefully explores them in detail. INFOGRAPHIC Clearly explains understanding of the selected capability or capabilities, with insightful and detailed examples. Develops a range of effective strategies to achieve personal and learning goals. Effectively develops the selected capability or capabilities relevant to achieving his or her goals, in well-planned,in- sightful, and/or creative ways. Clearly reviews personal and learning goals and gives insights into the effectiveness of strategies to achieve them. Reviews the development of the selected capability or capabilities, with insights into how this helps to achieve his or her goals. & CAPABILITIES PRESENTATION INTERVIEW Learning and Thinking Skills Exploring and evaluating different approaches to learning Conditions for effective learning Models and strategies for developing thinking skills Creative, analytical, and logical thinking skills Imagining possibilities and courses of actions to achieve goals Interacting with others to identify and refine goals. Decision-making, processes, and, personal values as they relate to ethical behaviour Reviewing and reflecting skills Personal Development Identifying and developing strengths or talents Ways of mapping and evaluating current skills Identifying and fulfilling aspirations, and reviewing strategies to achieve goals Skills in planning and personal organisation Factors that contribute to personal health and well-being Improving social abilities and living and working in a diverse culture. MIND MAP Exploring strategies ACTIVITY WEEK 8 TERM 1 WEEK 10TERM 2 WEEK 2 TERM 2 WEEK 5 TERM 3 MID POINTREVIEW
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