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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Rudder Acts like a steering device it is also used on boats.It makes the air push the plane a direction. Left or Right. It Works with the ailerions to make the aircraft turn These devices helpthe rudder by makingthe air go up/downby making it go up/downforcing the air to push itdown or up causing itto recover/bank. It is what the name suggest:a flap.It helps the craft's altitude(the height)along with the elevator. Like the ailerons it forces air up and down but in a special way it forces the air to go along the elevator while the elevator is being activated,it is kind of like a fan,it needs a power source, while the elevator needs the flap. These along with the flap help the plane's altitude.The elevator goes up and down causing the air togo up or down but sense the elevator is on the backit causes the center of gravity to change to the back,causing the front to go up the gravity changes to theback because of the air pressure pressing down onthe backside. The body of the plane.It holds everything together These 'fans' turn either clockwise orcounter clockwise but clockwise isdominate / the most common theseare a option for thrust, Jet engines are anotheroption but will not be explained on thisposter.The propellers turn forcing the air backwards,therefore the reaction from the air around the aircraftpushes the aircraft forward, These are commonly wheels.These help the craft land whenit tries to land. This is the spot where the pilot sits,and where the seat and controls are.The pilot can see out because of theglass around the seat. These are shaped and hold the ailerons and flaps. The Parts Of A Small Propeller Plane Cockpit Propellers Elevator Landing Gear Flap Wings Ailerons Rudder Fuselage
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