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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 X The Black Death lasted so long because... People were dying soquickly, that no onehad any time to write anythingdown. There are only 2 accounts that were kept. Samuel Pepys kept a diary, and William Boghurst wrotea novel describing the symptoms and possible causes. Culturally, the people did not consider bathing or keepingthings clean to be necessary.People would throw their trashonto the street. Also,there were no researchers,because anyone that got close to a victim would become infected and die as well. The environment was so disgusting since there were no sewage systems and people'swaste would be everywhere.The cities were very crowded and when one person in the town became infected, many otherpeople would also get the plague. The bubonic plague lasted from the 1300s until the 1600s and even the Old Testament discusses a plague, so scientists and physiciansdont really know when the first plague began. (Jones & Knighton, 2013) Religion played akey role in the BlackDeath. People believedthat they were being punishedfor their sins, not reasonssuch as cleanliness orover-crowding. Since, they thought it was a punishment,people didn't really look for asolution or cure. In 1300,Pope Boniface VIII issued a papal bull that prohibited thedissection of human corpses, so surgeons were unskilled and had little relevant knowledge abouthow the body's systems worked (Jones & Knighton, 2013, p.1) I'm out of here! This is what a typical plague doctor looked like.They would put different herbs in the "beak" to cover the stench of the rotting corpses. They would also wear heavy leather to try to protect themselves from the sickness. Resources: list of cited References, see attached document Created by Sierra Swartz
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