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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Reflection double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Field Placement: Preschool/ Schoolage Curriculum The three most important professional qualities and behaviours I have demonstrated this semester are collaboration with colleagues, taking initiative, and flexibility. I demonstrated collaboration with Ms. Bernard by regularly asking for feedback after an implemented experience regarding any points of improvement for myself. Another way in which I demonstrated collaboration with Ms. Bernard was by intentionally including her ideas for some of my experiences. For example, instead of coming up with a nutrition experience by myself, I decided to ask Ms. Bernard if she had any ideas for a good nutrition experience. As it turned out, she already had some food groups flash cards in the classroom. She suggested that I bring in some real food to enhance the learning from the food groups flash cards. I incorporated Ms. Bernards input into my nutrition experience, which was a food guessing game the children were blindfolded, and they had to smell and taste the food before guessing what it was. Once they figured out what it was, they had to find the corresponding flash card and place it under the food group (e.g. after guessing blueberries, they had to find the picture of the blueberries and place it under Fruits). I also collaborated with Ms. Eldeen in the classroom by volunteering to take photos for her while she does her experiences so that she didnt have to worry about documentation. I also volunteered to be her runner for some of her experiences that required retrieving additional materials around the centre (e.g. cups with water, spoons, etc.) so that she could focus on being with the children for her experience.
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