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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 New England-Greek Style Pizza History of Pizza Pizza has dated back to as far as 500 B.C., but no one is sure when it was first invented. 1830 - First Modern Pizzeria Opened Early 20th Century - Italian pizza introducedto Chicago 1905 - First Americanlicense for baking pizza granted to Gennaro Lombardiin 1943 - Ike Sewel inventsdeep dish style pizza 1995 - Self rising crustinvented by Kraft History of N.E.-Greek The name of our pizzacomes from the pizzeriasowned by Greek immigrants.It tends to have thicker,more chewy crust, while also being cooked in a pizza oven as opposed to on the bricks. Typically Consumed This pizza is typically consumed in the New England area, as the name is New England Style Greek Pizza. Cultural Influences The cultural influences on our pizza mainly came from the Greek immigrants that brought the pizza with them. As the pizzerias and other pizza shops began to fill with Greek immigrants, their pizza became the most popular. Crust Mix together flour, yeast and salt. Add oil & water. Cover and let sitfor 8 hours. Roll the dough into a ball, wrap and set aside. Roll the dough out in a 10" pan. Sauce & Toppings Tomato Sauce and toppings from your personal choice. 5 Facts 1. Known for being either the best or worstpizza around 2. The appearance is disgusting, but that's how it is supposed to look 3. Has very thick, melted cheese 4. Pans used to make this are usuallycovered in crisco instead of olive oil 5. Crust is strong & sturdy but lacks flavor Recipe
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