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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Music Piracy: Cost and Consequence Who's infringing and what can be done? Enforcement? France: Letter/FineEnforced ONCE India: Fine, jail timeEnforced NEVER Spain: Jail timeEnforced NEVER Australia: Legal fees, damagesEnforced RARELY Brazil: Destruction of productEnforced REGULARLY Canada: Letter, fineEnforced NEVER Italy: Takedown of siteEnforced RARELY UK: LettersEnforced NEVER United States: Fine, jail timeEnforced SEVERAL TIMES Other Steps Are Being Taken? Action against individuals and ISPs have proven ineffective.What other actions can be taken? Withdrawal of payment services from infringing sites. Ad campaigns to build awareness. Bundling streaming services into monthly phone bill. Better handling of User Generated Content Improvement of music streaming services. Industry Improving? What does the industry really need? As time passes and technology improves, it becomes less about ownership of music, and more about access to music. For Those Who Don't Know...Music Piracy True or False I already bought the CD, so its okay if I also pirate copies onto my computer. I downloaded the song off someone elses website, so they are in the wrong, not me. I credited the song to its owner, so I can use the song on my youtube video without permission. I already bought the CD, so its okay if I use the song on my youtube video. Everyone else is illegally downloading, so its not that big of a deal for me to download one song. There are no consequences for illegally downloading music. FALSE FALSE FALSE FALSE FALSE TRUE FALSE FALSE TRUE ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
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