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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Medical costs The medical costs are a lot of money when serious. The costs can range from 50 to 5000 dollars. If the injuries are really severe on the other hand, it can become a whole different level of costs. Somesurgeries can result in 60,000 dollars. Family & Friends Safety Issues Sleeping pills can also harm your health in a dangerous way. These pills slowly damage your insides causing harmful after effects. Sleeping pills are intended to help you fall asleep quicker and better a night. It gives big effects on how your body will react to the pill. Diet pills are said to help you lose weight and become slimmer, but what people dont know are that diet pills are very health decaying as well as damaging to your body.Diet pills have many side effects, some of the most common ones are: diarrhea, cramps, and gas, Sleeping pills are mostly legal in every countries but have strict rules and restrictions such as no babies or elders should be allowed to encounter/use these drugs. There is one exception on the other hand, it is said that in Dubai,certain pills have been banned for their citizens. Sleeping pills also have many strictrules during usage as well. Because they are both pills, they have many similar attributes for the taking of the drug. Sleeping pills are quite similar to Diet pills The medical issues outcome in numerous costs. The costs can start at a low price but can then raise to an amount of 5000 dollars. Just like Diet Pills though, surgeries from the drug abuse can also become a large sum of money. Pills Sleeping pills have many side effects that can change ones mood, temper, and attitude. You can feel extremely depressed and angry, while also feeling very happy and excited. Some basic rules are to: - Only take as much pills as needed- Dont overuse the pills- Follow all instructions on the container- Never take more pills than needed- Make sure to follow and check the expiry dates Diet Pills can really affect one's mood, personality, and temper. Not only do the pills hurt one person, but they canalso hurt a lot of people around them. This is because that person might feel the side affects of becoming depressed, sad and angry. Diet Pills Sleeping Pills Although diet pills are already very unsafe, there are certain safety rules to keep you from becoming even more dangered. Diet pills are legal in most countries, they are not considered bad drugs and do not intend to do bad things to your body. Therefore, these pills are safe to use. Legal Issues Medical costs Family & Friends Health Health Safety Issues - Only take as much as needed- Never overdose on the pill- Follow substance instructions- Follow expiry dates for pill Legal Issues Faith 7C
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