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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 . Pieoneering into China..? double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. China Annual GDP Growth Food chains such as KFC and McDonalds have already expanded into China, however they have altered their menu to accommodate the tastes of their consumers. If Pieoneer plans to expand but retain their core values of serving wholesome filling pies, they will dominate the market. However the statistics suggest that the tastes of China have not progressed enough for high levels of demand in Pieoneers menu, making the market very niche or possibly economically unviable. 7.3% Projected Industry Revenue 11% $556 Billion Growth Since 2013 The Chinese food culture is very different to the British culture. The Chinese believe in eating healthy, fresh and non-processed foods. The staple food in Chinese diets is rice, meat is seen as expensive and only small amounts are used in meals. Our restaurant Pieoneer is typically British and currently will not fit in with the Chinese way of life. However China is an emerging market constantly changing and eager to develop and compete with more developed countries. Pieoneer should continue to monitor the opportunities in Asia, as they are becoming more socially influenced by Western culture. Pieoneer could look to alter it's menu to provide healthy, fresh pies that are morealigned with current Chinese tastes. However this would involve changing the core values and branding of the Pieoneer, which is working successfully in Western markets. China's Restaurant Industry The perceived strength of food law in China is relatively low in comparison to the UK, which would make it easier for Pieoneer to enter the market. However due to growing unrest in food safety following Chinas milk scandal in 2007 they have introduced a number of food security strategies which are forcing restaurants to meet a lot of legislations. For example in 2008 the National Peoples Congress (NPC) passed the first comprehensive Food Safety Law (FSL). Chinas movement towards a more regulated food market means they are less attractive to PIEoneers future strategy. @ JoshuaChavers $335 Billion China's Restaurant Industry 2 0 1 5 UK Annual GDP Growth 2.6% Whilst China has a strong emerging market, the culture of Pieoneer is currently too British. The UK pie industry is thriving, further to this the UK pie industry is set to increase by 17% in the next 5 years. This indicates that there will be sufficient areas of growth for Pieoneer. Although China is not a likely option, with some slight changes to our strategy we feel there is potential for growth to Europe in the near future. Perhaps in 2030 when China has become more westernised a move could be possible. This is increasing due to health concerns, high saturatedfat content, increased hormones and additives used in China's meat industry. 50 Million Chinese Vegetrians
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