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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pick your potato with pride. The humble potato is often underestimated and consumers are not aware of the great potential that lies in the potato. Potatoes South Africa has classified spuds into threecategories, which is helpful for deciding which type to buy for a specific dish and which is suitable for a specific cooking method. WAXY(Cultivars include Mondial, Fabula and BP13) Waxy potatoes have a high moisture content and a low starch content. During boiling, they stay firm and keep their shape, which makes them ideal for any dish where you dont want the potato to break up, such as a potato salad. They are not suitable for cooking in a microwave and not at all suitable for mashing. They can be used for chips but will make a slap chip and nota crisp chip. This variety has a low moisture content and a high starch content. They do not retain their shape when boiled and are excellent formaking mash. They also make the best crisps, chips and roast potatoes, which are crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy inside. FLOURY(Cultivars include Caren, Darius and Avalanche) These potatoes are somewhat moist with a slightly floury feel. They retain their shape during cooking and can be used for all cooking methods. These are the variety most commonly availablein supermarkets. WAXY/FLOURY(Cultivars include BP1, VDP, Fianna, Valor, and Sifra also known as the Bianca)
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