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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Grand Piano Its' firstancestors were string instruments; similar to plucking instrumentsof the past but keys were added as time went on. Created in the middle east. Some famous composers Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and Sonatra Percussion with strings instrument. Sound comes from wirestrings that are pluckedby felt covered hammers, they are operated by a keyboard composed of 88 keys The pitch changes as a player plays further to their right or to their left. A higher pitch is to the right and a lower pitch is to the left The sound is amplified when the key is hit with a different strength. the harder the key is hit, the louder the sound. The softer the key is hit the lighter the sound is It is mainly composed of wood but also contains metal and fabric objects. All of these parts add up to a grand total of over 2,500 parts and 5 main sections a. The case of the wing-shaped piano b. The soundboards and the ribs and bridges that are the components c. The cast iron plate d. The strings e The keys, hammer, and piano action or mechanism When it comes to care for a piano,it needs to be tuned often and keptout of sunlight. This will perserve the age and look The frequency comes from how often the key is hit. The more it is hit, the higherthe frequency. Also,the wavelengths willvary based on the length and thickness.A greater thickness and length willcreate a greater wavelength. Rachael BachellerPeriod 6
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