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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT PAs can:Diagnose and treat illnessReview patients' medical historyConduct physical examsOrder and interpret medical testsDevelop treatment plansWrite prescriptionsAssist in surgery Typically a Physician Assistant will work 5 8-hour shifts per week. A typical Emergency PA will work 4 12-hour shifts not on call. A Physician Assistant (PA) is a healthcare professional who is licensed to practice medicine under the supervision of a physician. Their main objective is to prevent and treat injury and illness by providing a broad range of health care. PAs work in Physicians' offices, hospitals, and other healthcare settings. Most stand for long periods of time, while those in surgery are constantly moving. A lot places do not offer set vacation times.On average, a PA will receive 6 weeks of paid vacation starting after 6 months on the job. Daily Schedule Schedules vary depending on the area of employment. Most physician assistants working in clinics will work about 40 hours a week. Schedules can range from weekends, nights, early mornings, and holidays, and some PAs are even on-call. nter Professional Collaboration Physician of various specialtiesPharmacistsRadiology TechniciansPhysical/Occupational TherapistsNurses Related Occupations Yearly Pay: $68,220 - $115,736 Average Yearly Pay: $83,209 Hourly Pay: $34.09 - $59.21Bonus: $0.00 - $12,430 Earnings EMTs/ParamedicsNurse PractitionersRegistered NursesPhysicians/Surgeons The job outlook is excellent due to the increased demand for healthcare services for the growing and aging population and widespread chronic disease, combined with a shortage of physicians. Job Outlook EXCELLENT There are over 180 accredited PA programs in the U.S. The top 5 best programs are listed belowDuke University University of IowaUniversity of UtahEmory UniversityGeorge Washington University SCHOOLS UNDERGRAD. REQUIERMENTS Professsional Organizations American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA)Physician Assistant Educational Association (PAEA)Association of Family Practice Physician Assistants (AFPPA) National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) Roles &Responsibilities Work Enivronment Education strong communication skills (active listener & good speaking skills)good judgement and decision makingable to think, act & work under pressurecompassion and caring personalitystrong communication skillsanalytical & detail oriented Skills i. Earn a bachelors degree (4 year program) suggested to earn a degree in pre-med., sciences, life science, or health care relatedii. Experience as Registered Nurses or EMTs/Paramedicsiii. Graduate from a Physician Assistant Program (2 years)iv. Pass the National Commission on Certification for Physician Assistants (NCCPA) to become licensedv. If specializing: must complete specialization program to become certified At least 5 biological science courses: -->At least 1 in Anatomy -->At least 1 in Physiology -->At least 1 in MicrobiologyAt least 2 chemistry courses with labsAt least 1 statistics class
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