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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Isaac Newton -English physicist and mathematician.-Enjoyed being alone. Born: 12/25/1662, in England.Died: 3/20/1726.Known For: Newtonian mechanics,Universal gravitation, Calculus, Newton's method,Optics, Binomial series.-Discovered gravity and how the planents orbit the sun.-Built the first telescope. Newton's First Law -An object in rest stays in rest and an objectin motion staysin motion.-Unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.-Objects at rest: (v=0 m/s)-Objects in motion: (v=/0 m/s) double click to change this header text! Newton's second law of motion explains how an object will change velocity if it is pushed or pulled upon.-It accelerates in the direction you push it.-If you push twice as hard it accelerates twice as much.-If it gets twice the mass it accelerates half as much.-Acceleration is directly proportional to force. Newton's Second Law Newton's Third Law For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.-For every force there are equal in size and opposite in direction.-when you push an object it pushes back. W Weight F=G m1 m2 ______ d2-weight equals mass times gravatational acceleration-weight is the force generated by the gravatational attraction of the earth on any object. Universal Law Of gravity -States that any two objects exert a gravitational force of attraction on each other.-If you double a single mass, you double the force. If you cut one of the masses in half, you cut the force in half. But if you double both massesyou would quadruple the force. -The direction of the force is not given by this formula since there are actually two forces equal in size but opposite in direction. This formula calculates them both. Tides/Moon Phases Tides: The moon's gravity pulls the ocean's waterstoward the part of the earth it is facing. On the oppositeside it is pulling the earth away from the waters.This pulling causes the waters to bulge at these two points.The result is a high tide at the two bulgingpoints and a low tide at the other two points because the wateris being redirected. Each location on the earth passes through these points twice a day, usuallyexperiencing two high and low tides daily. Spring Tides:Spring tides are the result of the moon and sun working together to exert more pull on the earth's oceans. When the moon is in its full and new stages the earth, sun andmoon are all aligned. NeapTides: Neap tides are the result of the moon and sun working against each other's pull. When the moon is in its first andthird quarter phases the earth, sun and moon are at a right angle to each other. Projectile Motion double click to change this header text! Horizontal Component;he horizontal component of a force is the part of the force that is moving directly in a parallel line to the horizontal axis. A projectile is an object upon which the only force acting is gravity. There are a variety ofexamples of projectiles.An object dropped from rest is a projectile(provided that the influence of air resistanceis negligible). An object that is thrown vertically upward is also a projectile (provided that the influence ofair resistance is negligible). And an object which is thrown upward at an angle to the horizontal is also a projectile (provided that the influence of air resistance is negligible). A projectile is any object that once projected or dropped continues in motion by its own inertia and is influenced only bythe downward force of gravity. Momentum force or speed of movement; impetus, as of a physical object or course of events Impulse= Change in momentum.Elastic Collision: An elastic collisionis an encounter betweentwo bodies in which the totalkinetic energy of the twobodies after the encounteris equal to their total kinetic energybefore the encounter. Elastic collisions occur only if there is no net conversion of kinetic energy into other forms. Inelastic Collision: An inelastic collision, in contrast to an elastic collision, is a collision in whichkinetic energy is not conserved due to the action of internalfriction. In collisions of macroscopic bodies, some kineticenergy is turned into vibrational energy of the atoms,causing a heating effect, and the bodies are deformed. -The momemtum changes are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. -m1*AV1= -m2*AV2 Chapter 12 Review
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