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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Keep a sturdy tool in the kitchen to reach high and hard to reach places safely. If onedoes not, you risk the risk offalling and injuring your body. Chop On Stable Surfaces Physical Injuries First Aid Kit Sturdy Stool Keep theFridge & Freezer Organized Here are some precautions one should take when in the kitchen Fire Estinguishers How to prevent Always keep some sort of fire exterminating product around. The most safest thing to keep in your kitchen is a fire extinguisher. Keep a first aid kit nearby the kitchen to treat injuries as soon as possible. This will minimizethe risk of infection and more. Keep fridge/freezer organized to avoid object from falling. Chop things on stable surfaces rather than on unstable surfaces to avoid cutting yourself.This will also reduce the risk of cross-contamination Clean any spills immediately to avoid one from slipping and hurting themselves. Clean Spills Immediately! Always Face Downwards When walking with a knife always face the tip ofthe knife downwards to avoid hurting others. Some Ways:~Salt~Baking Soda~Lids~Soil~Sand~Blankets CAUTION:DO NOT USE WATER FOR GREASE FIRES! Did you know,That most kitchen injuries involve knives?Dull, unsharpened knivesare the leading causeto injuries!!! Safety is easy asAlways Be Careful. -unknown A B C On averageare killed every yearfrom kitchen fires! 480 By: Jason D. & Annika R.
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