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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1 in every 5 Canadians will suffer a mental disorder in their lives (1) Physical Activity + Mental Health Physical Activity + Mental Health Rethink Mental Illness "I am a person NOT a mental health problem" 70-90% of people living with mental illness are unemployed (4) 20% of Children and Youth suffer from mental illness (2) 90% of suicide victims have a mental illness (2) 43% of depressed adults seek care from a professional (2) The Facts 86% of homeless people live with mental illness (3) Pain Isn't Always Obvious Studies have found that antidepressants lead to an increase of weight in 24-100% of patients (5) The two drugs which cause the most weight gain are olazapine - Average gain is 5lbs/ month clozapine - Average gain is 3.5lbs/ month (5) Research shows that 20-40 minutes of aerobic activity results in improvements of anxiety and mood (6) WalkingRunningResistance TrainingFlexability TrainingStrength TrainingSwimmingYogaSports (7) Most Popular Physical Interventions Endorphins hypothesis predicts that exercise has a positive effect on depression due to an increased release of endorphains. This is related to a positive mood and an overall enhanced sense of well being (6) Research has shown that depressed Patients are less fitand have diminished physical work compatibility by up to 80-90% of age predicted norms (6) 1. Camh Foundation. [Online] 2015. [Cited: March 14, 2015.] Canadian Mental Health Association. [Online] 2014. [Cited: March 14, 2015.] Quick Facts: Mental Illness & Addiction in Canada. [Online] 2006. [Cited: March 14, 2015.] Canadian Mental Health Association. [Online] 2014. [Cited: March 14, 2015.] Weight-Gain in Psychiatric Treatment: Risks, Implications, and Strategies for Prevention and Management. US National Libraryof Medicine National Institute of Health. [Online] 2010. [Cited: March 14, 2015.] The Benefits of Exercise for the Clinically Depressed. US National Linrary of Medicine National Institutes of Health. [Online] 2014. [Cited: March 14, 2015.] A Trusted Non-Profit Resource. [Online] 2014. [Cited: March 14, 2015.] Sources Physical ActivityImproves Mental Illnesses
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