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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PHOTOSYNTHESIS At the current rate of deforestation, all tropical rainforestswill be gone by 2110. A process that captures energyfrom sunlight tomake sugarsthat storechemical energy. CO2 Save The Rainforest! - Plant trees!- Boycott destructive companies - Reduce your beef consumption - Spread the word! WHAT IS AFFECTED BY TROPICAL DEFORESTATION? Deforestation represents of greenhouse emissions 15% Disruption of Water Cycles Increased Greenhouse Gas Emissions Disruption of Water Cycles Rainforests contain170,000 of the world's 250,000 plant species No trees to anchor fertile soil. Animal Species Soil Erosion Imbalance in perticipationand river flow Inbalance in trophic levels &increased fighting for living area.-> Extinction THE CHLOROPLAST SOURCES: - - - No trees = carbon sink = climate change The energy for almost all organisms begins as sunlight. Sunlight has several types of radiant energy, such as ultraviolet radiation,microwaves, and the visible light that lets you see.Plants absorb visible light for photosynthesis. STAGE 1 CHLOROPHYLLA molecule in chloropasts that absorbs some of the energy invisible light. Plants have two types of chemicals: a and b. Together, they mostly absorb red and blue wavelengths of visible light. STAGE 2 1.Energy from sunlight is absorbed. Water molecules are broken downand oxygen is released.
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