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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A process for plants to create Photosynthesis GLUCOSE Using the Formulae: 2 2 C H O + 6O 6 12 6 6CO + 6H O Photosynthesis take's place in the Top layer (Palisade mesophyll layer): Waxy Cuticle - Blocks gases from Entering under side of the leaf Chlorophyll Light energy Glucose + Oxygen Carbon dioxide + Water Chlorophyll Light energy Photosynthesis - From the Sun's light energy Water - From Roots absorbing water in the ground Carbon Dioxide - From The air, Absorbed by leaves and The stomata and guard Cells Leaf Structure Bottom Layer (Spongy mesophyll layer): Has Stomata which absorbs gases Open Guard Cells : Diffuses In Diffuses out C02 O2 Closed Guard Cells : Plant no longer uses Photosynthesis Instead it Respire's Diffusion Defenition: A movement of molecules region of High concentration from a to a region of Low Concentration Down a concentration Gradient due to the random movement of molecules until they're evenly spread out. Factors that affect the rate of Photosynthesis As the Light Intensity increases, The rate of photosynthesisIncreases. When the rate of photosynthesis stops, it is Light: because carbon dioxde and temperature need to be increased as they are in short supply Volume Of CO2: As the Volume of CO2 Increases, So does the rate of photosynthesis. When the rate of photosynthesis stops, it is because light and temperature are in short supply and they need to be increased for therate of photosynthesis to rise again. Temperature: As the temperature increases, so does the rate of photosynthesis. when the rate of photosynthesis has stopped, it means CO2 and Light are in short supply and need to be increasedfor the rate of photosynthesis to rise again. If the Temperature is kept increasing, the enzymes in the plant change shape and startto die, when all the enzymes are dead, The rate of reaction will completly stop. Uses if Glucose in a Plant Turns Glucose into other useful substances that a plantneeds to build new cells and grow Respiration - Making Fruits - Glucose is with other sugars is stored in fruits Making cell walls - Glucose is turned into cellulose to make cell walls Making proteins - Glucose is mixed with nitrates to make amino acids and then protein Stored in seeds - Glucose is turned into lipids to be stored in seeds Stored as starch - Glucose is turned into starch and stored all around in the plant
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