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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Agriculture Construction Manufacturing What do all these things have in common? We do a whole lot of that in this state...and we kill a bunch of people doing it. Answer: Photo-based Consulting High Hazard Industries The million dollar question... Why do we "attempt" to usepolicy to protect workers who likely forwent further education? There is a better way! and...Let's make some money while we do it. This Look Familiar? A bunch of photos on a page with a corresponding QUESTION instead of a PIN about puppies or some other horribly unintresting thing. So anyone can take a photo and post a question... We define some perimeters (state/fed, work type) to ensure responses and capture key words. Then with key words and incorporated LinkedIn plugin we kick notifications to possible respondants. But the real target are the thousands of Consultants, Vendors and Industry experts. Consultants, Vendors and Industry experts These folks love to throw their knowledge around...and we will let them. There is an oppertunity here for the sale of both products and services. Wanna Advertise? Well the sky is the limit on industry types. Safety, Health & Environment BIG MONEY There is more focus then ever on occupational safety and health. We have a shortage of safety professionals, a shortage skilled labor and are paying more than ever for goods and services. Let's put our pictures to work and make a diffrence. We have a cause. Now let's build a movement.
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