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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lorem ipsum dolorsit amet, consectesursed do amusardo. Customer Service Satisfaction Overview - Q2'14 male 30% horror Lorem ipsum dolorsit amet, consectesursed do amusardo. Crafts Programming Games Teach COMIC gardening Text 70% female Customer Service Performance Overview - Q2'14 double click to change this header text! Customer Experience - Landline Phone - Q3 '14 FiOS - Red Optimum - Blue Shaded Pillars are NOT drivers for FiOS --Drivers of Customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction roll up to 5 key dimensions or "pillars"--FiOS shares two of the 5 Optimum pillars, but these primarily drive satisfaction. --FiOS is less affected by "table stakes" that promote customer vulnerability.--Optimum and FiOS performed similarly on key drivers of satisfaction, improving through the quarter on "Easy", but falling off on "Tech Leadership" and "Good Value"--FiOS continues to outperform Optimum on "Reliability", while Optimum outperforms FiOS on "Empathy" and has pulled ahead on "Good Value". Key Insights: Q3 '14 Implication: In the latter part of 2014, Optimum established a firm position on softer drivers of customer experience . In the areas wher Optimum has traditionally lagged,FiOS' performance has weakened, creating an opportunity for Optimum to close the gap. Optimum outpaced FIOS on all key driver pillars for Landline Phone by the end of Q3. Notably, Optimum finished the quarter leading FiOS on Customization, a key driver pillar unique to FiOS. FiOS customers perceived that Optimum offered a better variety of calling features, compared to FiOS customers' ratings of FiOS. Implication Implication double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. % Satisfied must be above 50% to contribute to satisfaction Pillars Driving FiOS Satisfaction
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