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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What do we do at Phoenix? When we receive business from our pharmaceutical clients... ...we jump into action! Content Development Responsible for bringing in new business and nurturing relationships with current clients Account Services managed by Project Management Operations Made up of Scientific Services, Editorial, Creative, and Meeting Services to develop content, ensure accuracy and aesthetics of content, and manage logistics of projects managed by the Projects Team. Editorial Scientific Creative Meeting Services who involves Ensures that all meetings with Healthcare Professionals are executed flawlessly Ensures all copy produced by Phoenix is of the highest quality using proofreading and copyediting techniques Brings content to life using rich media solutions as well as compelling and leading edge designs and materials Advisory Boards Ensures messaging, technical accuracy, scientific integrity, and quality across content deliverables for all accounts Contracts Management Turn-key Solutions INSIGHTS GATEWAY SMART TL TRAK Speakers Bureau Management Speakers Bureau Speaker Training Shared Services Speakers Bureau Partners with nearly every department at Phoenix, throughout the life of a project to ensure projects are delivered on time. The PMO Department effectively leads, coordinates, and oversees work across multiple projects. who involves
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