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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SOME WAYS TO PREVENT PHISHING Do not click on links, download files and open attachments in emails from unknown senders Be suspicious of any email with urgent requests for personal financial information. Always check the source of information from any incoming mail. Enter your sensitive data only in secured websites Check your online accounts and bank statements regularly to ensure that no unauthorized transactions have been made. Make new passwordsevery 6 months on eachaccount. Make sure not to recycle your passwords! hjhh (e.g., EKU email, Yahooemail, Facebook, eBay).This way if one accountis compromised, the keywill not open all doors For example, a line froma song or poem and use thefirst letters of each word.(e.g., "Once upon a midnightdreary, while I pondered") could become this password"ouAmndW1p" A strong password is like alock on your car, apartment, orhouse--it keeps others away from your online privacy andelectronic things. those thingsare your email, bank accounts, credit card accounts, etc.Building and maintaining strongpasswords will make it much more difficult for a computer hacker to destroy your life and your credibility. Hackers try to guess passwords by using your personal life against you--names of a significant other, a telephone number, or the name of your petor hometown. If guessing doesn't work they will use a piece of soft--ware to guess (or "crack") for them. Think Fast!Act Fast! -Using a password generator--hackershave those too!-Writing your password down!-Sending your password(s) in an email!-Allowing people to look over your shoulderwhile you type your password(s)! Enhance the security ofyour computer systems
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