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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dreaming of Heroesby H.G. Bissinger Rules of the Gameby Amy Tan vs In "Rules of the Game" the sport that is being played is chess which has a great impact on Waverly's relationship with her mom and Lau Po No Family is perfect.. we argue, we fight. We even stop talking to each other at times, but in the end, family is family.. the love will always be there. In ¨Dreaming of Heroes¨ the sport that is being played is football which has a great impact on Mike and Billy and Don and Charlie's relationship Waverly Jong Don Billingsley This story takes placeChinatown, San Franciscowhich impacts the way Waverly is being raised This story takes place inOdesa,Texas which impacts many decions betwen Don and Charlie and how there relationship will develop. For Mike and Billy Winchell sports were there bonding thing,for example Billy always bought Mike all his sports equipment and went to all of his gameseven though he had a bad disease that enabled him to move so when he passed away Mike felt like he had done everything a father could do while Don barely found out that he had a Dad, Charlie who lives in Odessa which was a reason why Don wanted to move with Charlie just to play football waiting to find out Charlie is a living legend at Odessa and that they played the same position. However, unlike Mike, Don still needed his dad's support and their relationship grows as football seasons starts because it one of the things they both love and are good at. For Lau Po and Waverly chess was there bonding thing. Waverly learned so much from Lua Po that later helped her win championships so there were no problems in their relationship except when they first met , he didn't expect Waverly to play him a game a chess because she was young. On the other hand Waverly and her mom's relationship was very complicated because she doesn't want Waverly to forget their chinese heritage being the fact that she lives in Chinatown, which is one of the problems,The other was chess, like when Waverly would play her mom would support her but as she started to win tournaments and get recognized her mom would give her advice even though she doesn't even know how to play the game but the worst part was when she was brag about Waverly like if she was a walking trophy until Waverly said something with the end result being her mom getting mad. So later when she goes to sleep she realizes the real/final obstacle in her dream she is to face her mom in a chess game.So there relationship is really complicated. In Conclusion, In the story " Dreaming of Heroes" Mike and Billy/Don and Charlie relationship depends and revolves around football and that was how they bonded. In "Rules of the Game" Waverly/Her mom and Lau Po/Waverly relationship depended and started through the game of chess. Waverly learned life lesson through chess and Don learned fight for whatever you believe in and to never give up. Lindo Jung Lau Po Charlie Billingsley Billy and Mike Winchell
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