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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Additional Information Pen-VK John Cequina Pharmacology P.5 Generic Name: Penicillin v potassiumTrade Name: PenicillinVK Generic Name: Penicillin v potassiumTrade Name: Penicillin-VK Common Dosage: Cost & Route of Admin. Mechanism of Action: $3.50 for a container of 250mg tablets. The route of administration is PO. Contraindications: Warnings/precautions: Special populations: Clinical Studies: Half-life: .5-.6 hr Urine Inhibits the biosynthesis of cell wall mucopeptide; When adequate concentrations are reached, it destroys the bacteria of sensitive organisms. When inadequate concentrations are reached, it produces more bacteria. Streptococcal infections: 125-250mg PO 6-8hrs for 10 days.Pneumococcal, Staphylococcal, and fusospirochetosis infections: 250-500mg PO every 6hrs for until afebrile for 2 days. Penicillin is an antibiotic used to treat and prevent the growth of bacteria and bacterial infections. Pregnancy:Category BLactation:Distributed into milk;2 15 use with caution.2Pediatric Use:Renal clearance of penicillin V delayed in neonates and young infants.Geriatric Use:No differences in safety and/or efficacy compared with younger adults.Renal Impairment:Substantially eliminated by kidneys; renal clearance decreased in renal impairment. Indications/usage: Excretion: Resists inactivation by gastric acid. Average blood levels are two to five times higher than the same dose of Pen G. It is 80% bound to serum protein which causes rapid excretion and absorption to people with normal kidney functions. Neonates, renal impairement, and young infants have a delay in excretion. It is not active to penicillin-producing bacteria that contains strains of staphylococci. it is affective against streptococci and pneumococci. It acts by protecting the cell-wall, mucopeptide. Individuals with a history of penicillin hypersensitivity and a history of sensitivity to multiple allergens may have fatal hypersensitivity. Treatment with antibacterial agents changes the colon's normal flora leading to overgrowth of CDAD. Pen VK should not be administered if the patient has an allergy to penicillin, cephalosporins, or imipenem. Metabolism: Distribution: Absorption: Pharmacokinetics 60-73%Bioavailability,pleak plasma time 30mins - 1hr Protein bound 80%, Crosses placenta; poor blood-brain barrier diffusion. Hepatic
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