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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Phaethon Plot Line: - Phaethon goes to the Palace of the Sun to find out if he is the son of Helios- His mother told him that Helios was his father, but hisfriends did not believe him- Helios tells Phaethon that he is his son- In order to prove that he is telling the truth, he offersPhaethon anything he wants and swears on the riverStyx that he will not refuse- Phaethon decides that he wants to take his father'splace and drive his chariot for a day- Helios knows that it will be disastrous if Phaethon drives the chariot because no mortal can drive it, so he tries to convince Phaethon to choose something else- Phaethon decides to do it anyway and Helios has nochoice but to let him because he swore on the river Styx- After a very short time, Phaethon loses control of the chariot- The horses are controlling the course, then he lets goof the reigns and the horses go even crazier- They plunged down and set the world on fire, beginningwith the highest mountains- Phaethon wanted to escape the torture and wouldhave welcomed death- Mother Earth cried to the gods because she could not take it anymore - Jove struck Phaethon with a lightning bolt, which killedhim, shattered the chariot, and caused the horses to rushinto the sea- The river Eridanus received him and the Heliadesmourned him at his grave there Other Characters: double click to change this header text! - Clymene, Phaethon's mother- the Bull, the Lion, the Scorpion, and the great Crab -Dawn- the East Wind - Mother Earth- the Heliades, daughters of Helios Settings: Main Characters: Interesting Information: - Don't be too reckless. Phaethon was told that itwas a bad idea to drive the chariot, but did itanyway and ended up dying almost destroyingthe world.- Don't be greedy. Phaethon risked the entire worldbecause he wanted to drive the chariot. - Palace of the Sun- Ida - Helicon- Olympus - the Sea What's the Point? - Phaethon -Jove- Sun God/Lord of the Sky/ The Sun/ Helios - Mortals were forbidden to drive the Sun's chariot, but Phaethon was an exception.- There was never night in the Palace of the Sun.- The Palace was made of gold, ivory, and jewels.- Eridanus, a river which no mortal eyes had seen accepted Phaethon when he died- Naiads buried Phaethon and built his grave with theinscription, "Here Phaethon lies who drove the Sun-God's car. Greatly he failed, but greatly he dared."
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