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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Petr Ginz Petr ginz was like the boy version of anne frank. I say this because he wrote a diary and he lived in the holocaust, and he died. But he did not die from sickness in a concentration camp but something worse. A gas chamber. And his family did not try to hide like the franks. they stayed with the rest. All AboutPetr Ginz was a Jew and he wasn't scared of it. He was a poet/ writer. he created his diary when he was 15 and he created poems and just told about his day but he didnt talk alot. All he basiclly said was what he did in the morning and afternoon. I think he was a shy person because he really only hanged out with his friend harry and her sister Eva. This is the type of star jews would wear on their clothes Ukraine and Russia have always had problems dating back all the way near the end of the USSR. Ukraine has wanted to be independent but Russia has always liked the idea of the two countries uniting under Russian rule. Now they are worried that if Russia successfully takes over Crimea, they will continue to progress and eventually take over more parts of Ukraine. Beginnings of the Crisis This is the whole ginz family. Could this be the beginning of World War III? Why it could start WWIII More and more countries are beginning to attempt to step in and try to either stop Russia from moving farther into Ukraine. This means that alliances with many more countries could get involved and if fighting started it could mean another World War. The same thing happened in both World War I and II, a few countries tried to intervene and it led to everyone in their alliance also intervening and the number of countries involved in the fighting just kept growing and growing. Why it won't start WWIII
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