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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 General Wastage Facts University Wastage How You Can Help! Warwick students use 193 litres of water per person per day compared to the UK national average of 150 and the African average of 4 Tocil, Lakeside and cryfield are the worst for energy usage per person. £2.2m for elec, heating and water in halls.Carbon Footprint of last quarter was 3,510.17 Tonnes.Power a TV for 3,299 years The general energy consumption figure for the University for 2013/14 was 151,778,195.57 kWh or 83m kg of CO2. Enough to drive a car for 368 years straight!! Blackout saved approximately £15 inthe SU and SUHQ only for 3 hours!! Energy usage costs the University approximately £10m every year Simply turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, washing yourhands or shaving can save over 5 litres of water every minute. You could be saving more than 4,000 litres of water a year: thats enough water to supplya family of four for a week! The carbon footprint for each person in the UK is around 15 tonnes a year. Turning down the temp by 1 degree saves 310 kg of CO2 every year. Thats a car driven for 11.6 hours non-stop, energy for a house for 8 days Energy Consupmtion - A Guide For Student's, by Students A 3rd Year Social Change Project by Andrea Chamely, Imogen Chandler & Luke Pilot UK has the 10th worst carbon emissions. Only boil as much wateras you need in a kettle Don't leave stuff plugged inand switched on, It's a constantdrain on power. The halls of residence produce approx 788 tonnes of CO2 per year (before heating the water!) 788 tonnes of CO2 is eqivalent to flying a Boeing 747 non stop for 380 days! You can learn good habits for when you move into rented houses or own your own house in the future. If every US home replaced just one light with an Energy Star efficient light, saved energy would be enough to light more than 3 million homes for a year and prevent 9 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year, equivalent to the emissions of about 800,000 cars.
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