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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PLACE Meta VOICE CHOICE PATH PACE Learner Profile Learner Driven Howard-Suamico School District UNIVERSAL DESIGN double click to change this header text! Personalized Learning Purposeful:The learning environment must be responsive to individual needs and preferences. Personalized learning looks different in different places because it is personalized for the teachers, the learners, and the community.Resourceful:Learning must be needs-driven, flexible, responsive, and provided anytime and anywhere. The organization of the learning environment must make learning accessible to many modes and preferences. It should refer to the environment within or beyondthe typical school walls. Much learning occurs within the family and community as well; this learning should be recognized and reflected in the larger learning plan.Strategic:Learners must be able to influence their learning environment in a variety of ways, such as by determining the arrangement for the learning experiences (e.g. 1:1, small group, whole group, online, blended). The pace should be based on competency, and a clear progression determined in planning to achieve high standards. There should be ongoing purposeful assessment of, for and as learning with rapid-cycle feedback. When and where appropriate, Response to Intervention and any just-in-time support should assist the learner in keeping pace with his/her unique expectations and learning plan. Purposeful:The learning path is unique to individual strengths, needs, and preferences. Building endurance, or creating meaning beyond the point of instruction and assessment, is one way in which student engagement can be established and continue to grow.Resourceful:Learners must design unique learning experiences that are diverse, rigorous, relevant, and responsive to individual needs through solid curriculum design, based on globally benchmarked standards.Strategic:Expression of learning must be based on competency. Student ownership is critical in creating and maintaining a personalized path. Learners must express the ability to develop and manage themselves in and out of the school environment. The competencies expressed should represent readiness for the next phase of learning and apply to various disciplines. Purposeful:Learners must be visible in the process and product of the learning design. Cultural life and other elements that determine relevance should be considered.Resourceful:Learners must have a integral role in designing the learning, right down to the partnerships and relationships that are critical to the effort.Strategic:Products must be unique and reflect the essence of each learner. Purposeful:Expert learners respond and adapt to progress, strengths, and changing needs. Learning pace varies from learner to learner. Resourceful:Response to Intervention and just-in-time support will assist learners in keeping pace with unique expectations and learning targets.Strategic:Pace must be based on competency and clear progression designed to achieve high standards. Ongoing purposeful assessment--including self-assessment--of, for, and as learning with rapid-cycle feedback is essential to a quality personalized learning experience. FOR LEARNING Collaborative Responsibility Purposeful Assessments Rigorous & Relevant Responsive Environments Purposeful:Learners must have ownership and invest in their learning. Learning should appeal to individual interests, strengths, and needs as well as enable one to develop and manage self. Resourceful:Learners must co-design learning experiences in partnership with teachers. Strategic:The learning design must help learners achieve individual goals and call for authentic work that is meaningful, complex, rich in experience, and sometimes outside the walls of the school organization. Learner Strengths and Experiences Every student has the right to learn Purposeful Resourceful Strategic
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