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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Personal Health Record Elements of PHR healthcare industry can savea year with widespread use of PHRs doctors believe patientengagement is important billion PHR at least $ 100% People who are more engaged intheir health get better health care What are the types of a PHR? ClinicalSupport Paper-based Hybrid Internet-based Computered-based ImprovedCommunication MedicationAdherence Tracking Appointments No Duplicate Records Easy Access to Records You YourDoctor A tool through which you can access, manage, and share information about your health. Monitor your PHR closely. Update it after each doctor visit Create a card that has vital information on it. Carry it in your wallet Your PHR is compiled and maintained by you. It does not replace the legal medical record maintained by your doctors. Personal identification, Emergency contacts,Insurance, Living wills, Advance directives,Problem lists, Medications, Allergies,Immunizations, Labs, Tests, Hospitalizations, Surgeries By Thi Urioste & Maria Zeches The 2005 Hurricane Katrina exposed the fragility of the America's healthinformation infrastructure. Whenconfronted by a disaster, the publicneeds to be able to depend on reliableaccess to their health information. What is a PHR? Why you need a PHR? Online applicationsaccessible through a private account Papers kept in folders or binders Scanned paperssaved in computers or flash drives 13 Combination of two or more types Contact your doctor offices for copies of your recordsRecord health-related symptoms and activitiesKeep your records in a folder or binderDivide information by year or illnessBring your PHR to each doctor visit Ask your insurance company to see if they offer PHR onlineAsk how your information is handled if you switch companyOr choose a PHR application from myPHR.comRead privacy policy to ensure personal data is encrypted mess? mess? How to create a PHR? Are your files a total Paper-based GoPaperless Let trusted family know where your PHR is kept in case of emergency Keep all records in one place. Protect and maintain confidentiality TIPS
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