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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 You're home for the weekend from college, and your roommate texts you that yourdownstairs neighbor's filthy oven started a fire, and your apartment, with nearly all your belongings in it, was destroyed. What are you going to do? What Will You Do if the Worst Happens? What Will You Do if the Worst Happens? Do You Have Renter's Insurance? Yes No Good News! Your renter's insurance covers the fire! Afteryou pay a deductible, usually around $250,the insurance company will pay the value of,or pay to replace, everything else in yourapartment, as well as paying for a hotel roomwhile your apartment gets fixed. Renter's insurance can also cover liability ifyou accidentally damage someone else's property,medical bills for accidental injuries in your apartment,and any other unintentional damage. All that for just$20 per month! Uh, Oh... You had better hope that your neighbor hasinsurance to cover your loss. If neither of you areinsured, there's nothing to force your neighbor toreimburse you except a good lawyer, which is ahuge expense in itself. Either way, you're payingthousands of dollars to replace your stuff and findsomewhere else to live. It gets even worse if you are at fault for somethinglike this: not only do you have to find somewhere tolive and replace your stuff, you also have to pay all thedamages to the building and other people's apartments.Even if they're insured, their insurance companies willcome after you for reimbursement. That's a LOT of money! You Pay: You Pay: + Your Deductible Your Premium $250 $20/month A Whole Lot MoreSeveral Thousand Dollars By: Braxton Sesler
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