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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Median Salary National:44,420 State: 37,850Required:Master's Degree2 years or 3,000 hours supervised clinical experience License. Regular hours, desk job, limited travel. Median SalaryNational:72,710 State:67,380Required: Doctoral degree and 1-yr.InternshipHigh Earnings Flexible HoursIndoors, Desk Job.Irregular hours, weekend work. Exposed to hazardous situations.National Job Availability: 160,200 Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Worker Counseling Psychologist Careers Pellissippi State Cleveland State Colleges Location: Southeast TennesseeAccresited PublicBasic tuition: 1,753High School DeplomaACT:1963% Admissions RateOff campus Housing $600-$1000Bus service (5 miles)Many Job opportunitiesEnter Job Market Post-School:88% 1 year; 90% 2 years Artistic Interest/Skills Skills Social Considering My Future Probation and Parole Officer Median SalaryNational:52,910 State:37,550Jobs available: Required: Bachelor's degreeSome experience in social workRegular work hoursNever a dull momentIndoors Location: Knoxville, TNBasic Tuition: 2,020Acredited Public100% Admissions RateNo Housing on campusBus station (14 miles)Many Job opportunities Social People are "Helpers".They enjoy assisting people in various ways.They like working in groups,And Find that verbal and communication skills come naturally to you. Artistic people are "Creators".They enjoy art of all types, including drama, music, literature, poetry.They like using your imagination and creativity, and prefer working inunstructured environments Reading Comprehension: 7Active Listening: 7Writing: 7Speaking: 7Mathematics: 7Science: 6Active Learning: 5Critical Thinking: 4Learning Strategies: 4Monotoring: 3
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